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Rozes Tawny Port 750ml

Rozes Tawny Port


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In the classic vinification procedure, used in the making of certain Port wines, and after the destalking phase, the grapes are crushed by foot in lagares. Traditionally, this operation, known as treading, is carried out by men, although it can also be done by mechanical devices that reproduce the effects of crushing by foot. After this operation (called "corta"), the must ferments for 2 to 3 days. During this short period the must is pumped-over -the juice is pumped out from the bottom and in at the top several times, to extract the maximum amount of tannins from the grapes. Before the natural fermentation phase is completed, the must is fortified with eau-de-vie grape spirit. Once the vinification phase has finished, the Port wine is allowed to rest, gaining in structure and intensity. Without blending, there would be no Rozès Port. The aim is to combine the fruit and freshness of the wine and the fiery quality of the eau-de-vie, for a result that is smoothly unctuous.

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