Tequila Revolucion Silver Tequila

Tequila Revolucion Silver Tequila



Internationallly known as the smoothest Tequila, Revolucion Silver 100% Organic highlights the purest flavors of Blue Agave distillation; the aroma is full of delicate floral tones, with sweet citrus and a hint of caramel. The strict pureness of its elaboration process is easily perceived in this tequila: every note can be tasted effortlessly, a spirit 100% free of fertilizers, pesticides and any other artificial product. Prior to its bottling, this distillate rests for up to three months in special containers to ensure a perfect blend of all its elements. Crisp Tequila, ideal for sipping alone or mixed in a variety of Tequila cocktails.
Category Blanco
Country Mexico
Brand Tequila Revolucion