Amaro Lucano Liqueur

Amaro Lucano Liqueur



First among Casa Vena's spirits, is produced following a secret recipe, handed down through the generations. It is produced with typical regional officinal herbs, and has got a full and aromatic flavour that suits many tastes. The Amaro Lucano can be relished as an aperitif, served with ice, lermon rind and soda; neat, as an excellent digestive; warm, as a corroborant and balsamic grog, during the cold nights of winter; finally, as a guarnishing for cakes and ice-creams. It is just like a prism that shimmers in your hands, changing its colour by the way it is hit by sunbeams. The recipe is strictly secret: the only information that comes out of the laboratory in Pisticci is the name of some of the most important herbs that are used to produce the liqueur. They are like precious gifts from nature, whose names, imbued with magic echoes, unleashes our fantasies.
Category Liqueur
Country Italy
Brand Amaro Lucano
Alcohol/vol 30%