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Stone Gate Wine & The Twisted Branch Going Green Together Bottle Program

Stone Gate Wine & Spirits and our next door neighbor, The Twisted Branch

are partnering up to try to help our environment.

Together we can enjoy fantastic wine as well as incredible oil and vinegar, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Bring in any empty wine bottle purchased from Stone Gate Wine & Spirits and receive a 15% discount on any item when filling. The bottle must bear the proof of purchase sticker from Stone Gate Wine & Spirits.

Be sure to read the instructions below on how to proper prep the bottles before bringing them back to be filled with Oil or Vinegar.

Cleaning Your Wine Bottles

1. Wash

You’re going to need a bottle brush, some mild detergent (regular dish soap is fine for this) and plenty of hot water. Essentially, it’s the same as washing dishes, but you should make sure to do an especially thorough job of washing your wine bottles before reusing them. After all, the quality of your olive oil or vinegar is at stake here, so take care to make sure that everything is cleaned very well before proceeding to the next step.
One thing which you need to keep in mind is that it’s a good idea to wash out your used wine bottles as soon as they’re emptied and then wash them once again when you take them out of storage for another use. This will prevent residues and dirt from becoming dried on the bottle and save you a little time (and potentially a lot of elbow grease) later on when you’re ready to start filling your bottles with your favorite olive oil or vinegar.

2. Rinse

After thoroughly washing your bottles, it’s time to rinse. Again, this should be done very well to make sure that you’ve removed any residue which may be left behind by the detergent. Don’t skimp on this step, even though you’re going to be rinsing your bottles again shortly.

3. Sanitize

The next step is to sanitize your bottles. This can be done by soaking them in a mild bleach solution.

•    Ratio: 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of cool water. Contact Time: Let stand for 2 minutes, then wipe or air dry.

Make sure to rinse your bottles very thoroughly after this soaking and sanitizing; bleach is not a flavor which you want left behind in the bottle to affect the taste of your olive oil or vinegar.

4. Dry

And last but, not least, PLEASE be sure that your bottles are completely dry before bringing them in to fill them. 

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